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Diigo Collect and Highlight, then Remember

This is nice.

CloudFlare Performance & Security for an website

It looks very wonderful service for web service provider and any web admin.
I just added a service to join this service.

/ rate as 8.0 /
Dopplr an online service for smarter travel.

I like design

rate as 7.0 /
TripIt organize your travel

Just trying because I found an iPhone app sync this service.

Momentile interesting moments every day

just try

CloudApp Share Files Fast

Cool idea to share file sharing.
for mac:)

rate as 7.3 /
Kodingen The Cloud Development Environment

This is cool service to develop online.
The design and UI is awesome. All have been done without flash. amazing.

/ rate as 8.0 / fast and fun image sharing.

This is awesome service for Mac users. Share images and draw on it.

/ rate as 8.0 /
StreamWork Collaborative Decision Making

This is very cool collaboration tool.

rate as 7.3 / Your public. We deliver

Give it a try.

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RunKeeper GPS Fitness Tracking

This is cool service to support your running.
I (used to ) use this to motivate myself to run for fitness. It's still growing!

rate as 7.4 / Union of European Football Associations

I love football

/ rate as 7.0 /
Howcast the biggest how-to videos on the web

I love this service. I like useful service. Not only entertainment.

/ rate as 8.3 /
AOL Lifestream All your social network updates in one place

just try

lino Online Stickies

This is pretty cool and useful web service. For personal and business.

rate as 7.0 /
Meltbox Manage & Share your favorite service and find new


GoodReads Share Book Recommendations With Your Friends

GoodReads is a community for book lovers.
Share favorite books. recommends music, videos and concerts

I cannot listen to radio because my country is not supported.
but still's music community is fun.

rate as 6.4 /
Hollywood Stock Exchange Hollywood stock exchange

I love movies!!
Buy my favorite actress:)

/ rate as 6.0 /