Why Don't You Drop In?
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since 2010 in Japan
What is a drrop? ...and why am I wiping?

A drrop is a text posted by someone in the world in the last 24 hours. By wiping a drrop, you can see another drrop.

Tell me about the "Drrop Bowl"

The Drrop Bowl View is the page you see when you login to It has "Drrop Bowl" function which shows up at the bottom of your screen as soon as you have posted or replied to a drrop. Fill the bowl with drrops!

"Look up to the Drrop Cloud"...??

On the top of Drrop Bowl View, it says "Look up to the Drrop Cloud." It is a link to a page called "Drrop Cloud View" which is where you can surf Drrop with a simple & clean view.

Saw a drrop? You won't see it again.

Once you wipe a drrop, you will never see the same drrop again. As a rain drop hits you only once in its lifetime, a drrop can be encountered only once.
24 hours. Not forever.

Drrops are visible to others for only 24 hours! After this, if you want to see a drrop again, you need to have replied to it, or clicked the"Reply Later" button. This way, we can keep drrops fresh and up-to-date. As grows, this 24 hours window will get shorter.
Note: Currently this function is disabled. That's because we are still in our testing phase.

What should I put in a drrop?

Using Drrop is like going outside and walking down the street. When you are happy, maybe you sing as you walk. When you see someone happily singing, maybe you ask what the good news is. You can do just the same here. Let the world discover your drrops, and get to know people around the world!
You'll be "buddy-buddy".

On the bottom right of the Drrop Bowl View, there is a little water drop that says "Buddy-Buddy List." Click this image to see the list of people you've talked to. When your drrop gets a new reply, or when you reply to someone else's drrop, the person is automatically added to your Buddy-Buddy List. The number on their profile photo indicates the number of drrops you talked about.


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