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Online Subscription Management
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Thanks to the power of the Internet and cloud computing, many products are moving to subscription services delivered online—everything from music and DVDs to software and infrastructure to groceries and cars.

Why buy a DVD when you can subscribe to Netflix and access a whole library? Why install CRM software when you can subscribe to the world-class version online from Why buy a car when you can subscribe to Zipcar and get the whole fleet?

However, companies that deliver these new services need a way to run their subscription business AND support their unique needs. For example, they need pricing flexibility to address different customer groups, operational scalability for growth, and key metrics like churn and monthly recurring revenue (MRR) to assess the health of the business.

That's where Zuora comes in. Just as Amazon makes it easy to become an online retailer, Google makes it easy for anyone to advertise online, and PayPal makes it easy to accept online payments, Zuora makes it easy for any company to build, manage, and grow a subscription business.

Backed by Benchmark and Marc Benioff, Zuora was built from the ground up by SaaS industry visionaries and veterans from, WebEx, Postini (now Google), and Oracle. The Zuora team grew up in the subscription services world. In addition, Zuora has assembled a world-class Board and Advisory Team, with industry experts from Accenture, Cisco, and most recently, Scott Thompson from PayPal.

Our flagship product, Z-Billing, has attracted over 100 customers since its launch in May 2008. Scalable, powerful, and easy to use, Z-Billing was named "the Salesforce of online billing" by TechCrunch. Z-Payments, which we launched just five months later with online payment pioneer PayPal, is now built with the PayPal X platform, allowing for even greater flexibility. At’s Dreamforce 2008, we introduced Z-Force, the first billing and payment solution fully integrated with We followed that with our Z-Commerce Platform which makes it easy for developers coding in the cloud to plug in our commerce-as-a-service solution so they can start getting paid. The Z-Commerce Platform is now the de facto platform for subscription businesses in the technology industry. And Z-Commerce for Media gives publishers an easy way to start monetizing their online content.

With all this momentum, we've certainly earned our reputation as "a company to watch," and we continue to move fast. Check back often to learn about the latest innovations from the leader in subscription billing and payments.


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