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since 2010 in USA
Discounts between 40% to 90%

Most of our offers are discounted 50% or more. We're not going to waste your time with offers that are less than 40% off. We also won't bombard you with offers unless they are related to your interests, location, or how you spend your money. We'd rather send you a few really good offers each month that you'd actually be interested in, instead of sending you tons of random offers. If we don't have any offers that we think are a good fit for you, we won't send you any. Your time is just as valuable as your money.
How do we get these discounts? By negotiating directly with the merchant or business, who are happy to provide a great deal since they know they are reaching people highly likely to be interested in what they are offering.
Exclusive offers

It's not likely you'll see our offers marketed elsewhere through other channels. Because we enable advertisers to reach people like you whose interests, location, and purchasing history match up with the product or service being offered, we use that to negotiate exclusive deals with the advertiser. We screen each and every offer to make sure it meets our standards before it is approved.
We get better with time

Over time, we'll get a better understanding of your interests and how you shop. Of course, this requires no effort on your part. Once you've gone through the 2 minute signup and linked your spending (credit or debit) card to your account, Offermatic works in the background and will automatically get smarter with matching offers to your profile. So be a little patient with us in the beginning - as we learn more about your spending patterns and bring on more advertisers, we'll be able to improve the relevance of the offers.


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