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since 2008 in USA
PollDaddy Surveys - Get feedback -------------

With your free account from PollDaddy you can start creating surveys in minutes. Survey your users, customers or staff to find out what they think about your services and products. Our survey product provides a suite of powerful tools to help you dig deep into the data you collect.

Get all of these great survey features...

* A selection of skins to choose from or create your own in CSS.
* Advanced online reporting in real time of your data as it is collected.
* Set paths for your respondents using Conditional Branching.
* Insert HTML directly allowing you to add pictures, video and more.
* Full international language support.
* 11 question types to choose from with multiple options for each.
* Export your data as XML, CSV and receive your results via Email or RSS.
* Close surveys after a certain date or quota has been reached, and create custom start and finish pages for your survey.
* Create multi question, multi page surveys with ease using our new advanced survey editor.

Polldaddy Polls - Engage your visitors ----------

With your free account from PollDaddy you can start creating polls and place them on your website in minutes. Our polls are simple and flexible, allowing you to customize our styles to match your website social networking profile or email campaign.

Get all of these great survey features...

* Unlimited free polls with unlimited votes per poll.
* 14 PollDaddy skins to choose from or create your own in CSS.
* View poll results online, as XML, CSV, or subscribe to them via RSS!
* Add text, pictures and video to your polls.
* Full foreign language support.
* Block repeat voters by IP address or cookies.
* Create single choice or multiple choice polls.
* Close polls after a certain date, randomize answers, allow text entry 'other' field, show or hide results from voters and much more.
* New: Track individual votes, get voter location and detect fraudulent votes. (Pro Account only)


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