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since 2008 in USA
The Resumator helps your business save time and money on hiring by replacing the inefficiency of an HR inbox with an entire online recruitment platform that’s perfect for both promoting jobs and reviewing resumes.
How The Resumator Works

Enter all your job listings into The Resumator

The Resumator publishes your jobs to your website and various free job boards

Each submitted resume is automatically sorted and indexed

Your team’s review process is now paperless, efficient and collaborative.
Paperless Resume Review

Get back the time you currently waste on opening attachments, printing resumes, and sitting in meetings discussing applicants.

The Resumator brings the entire hiring process online, driving traffic to your jobs, and then providing collaboration tools around the resume for ranking, tracking, sharing and discussing applicants.

Just review a few resumes through our system, and we’re sure you’ll never want to hire through email again.
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Key Benefits

Puts a hiring process in place that’s both collaborative and productive

Saves a fortune on promoting your jobs by reducing your reliance on job boards

Eliminates the manual labor inherent in managing resumes through email

Review many resumes without ever downloading or printing anything

Shows your applicants in a whole new light using unique screening features

Encourages referral hiring by leveraging popular social networks

Empowers the “deputized” HR person in businesses with no HR employees

Converts your resumes into an online, searchable database


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