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since 2006 in USA
Who We Are

We love video. And more than that, we love the possibilities of video. Video as a way to share the winning shot with the whole team. Video as a way to watch his first birthday over and over. Video as a creative outlet. Video as a business tool. Armed with a video camera and an Internet connection, we think the possibilities are endless.

Here at Motionbox, one thing takes center stage: you. It's about sharing YOUR videos, not other peoples' videos. That's why the Motionbox experience is private and secure. We're passionate about what we do, and work hard every day to make sure you have the tools, technology, and support you need to share your videos the way you've been sharing photos for years.
What We Do

Motionbox makes it easy for you to share your videos with friends, family, or anyone you like. Unlike personal broadcast sites, it's a personal video service that gives you a safe, friendly, private place to share your personal memories in vivid HD quality. You'll never be bothered by unrelated videos from other members. We also offer:

* Virtually unlimited video storage
* Easy-to-use online editing tools
* Large file uploads
* HD player and full-screen playback
* High quality downloads to a computer or iPod
* DVDs and Flipbooks of your videos


Our mission is to make personal video as fast and easy as possible – something everyone can enjoy. However, building the technology that makes this possible is no small task. Since 2005, our engineers have worked hard to build the most sophisticated video infrastructure and sleekest interface using the latest technologies. We strive to make sure everything we do "under the hood" results in a seamless user experience. The technology surrounding video changes every day. But whether it's supporting HD, accepting more new video formats, or slashing upload times, we're determined to lead the charge in this exploding arena of personal video. And we want you to be right there with us.


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