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since 2009 in USA
Working as a proxy between third party identity providers and your website, RPX helps you effortlessly authenticate users with their existing account on Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, Twitter, MySpace, AOL, Windows Live/MSN/Hotmail, or any other OpenID provider.
RPX also enables users to publish their activities on your website to multiple social networks. The hosted solution runs in the cloud and is accessed via simple RESTful API calls and through our easy to install widgets.


The RPX API abstracts out the nuances of provider specific authentication and helps your site authenticate users with their existing identities from Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, Twitter, MySpace, AOL, Windows LiveID or other OpenID providers.

Add a snippet of code to your website, and your interface is complete. You choose which identity providers to configure, and RPX helps the user sign-in with a simple and intuitive interface. RPX remembers a user's preferred provider on return visits, enabling single-click authentication. The sign-in interface is flexible, and can be deployed either as an overlay or embeded directly into your sign-in page. If the built-in RPX interface doesn't meet your needs, you can roll out your own interface and hook it into the RPX backend.

Import User Profile Data and Contacts

RPX imports a rich set of user registration and profile data to your site from several sources, including OpenID Simple Registration, Attribute Exchange, the hCard microformat, Portable Contacts, Facebook Platform, Twitter, and Windows Live ID. RPX makes it easy to consume this data by normalizing it into a format that is easy to extract and use. In addition, RPX is able to import a user's address book and contacts from supported providers.

Publish Activity to Social Networks

RPX integrates with rich social APIs from Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Yahoo!, enabling your users to publish reviews, comments and other activities from your site to their friends. RPX offers a simple widget that allows users to select their publishing destination from a choice of social networks, and supports publishing to multiple networks simultaneously. If you don't wish to use the RPX Social Widget, you can use our Social REST API to publish activities and set a user's status.


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