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since 2007 in USA
Livedrive is creating technology that will revolutionise the way people store and access their files, photos, music, videos and other digital content.

Our vision is simple: don't store files on your PC; store them on your Livedrive instead. Livedrive is your personal storage space on the Internet. Its unlimited, it's secure and it's there forever.

* Store it on Livedrive, access it anywhere
* Works on your PC just like a normal hard drive or USB drive
* See the same files on all your PCs
* See all your files on your mobile, PDA or other devices
* Access everything from the web
* Share anything with just one click
* No need to backup - everything on your Livedrive is stored securely

Livedrive is backed by Andrew Michael. Andrew founded Fasthosts Internet Limited, the UK's largest and most successful Internet hosting company which he sold in 2006 for over $120m. Andrew commented: "Online storage is the future. Lots of companies are trying to do it today but the products are crap and not a replacement for traditional storage methods. Livedrive has been over two years in the making and will be the standard by which all competing products are judged".


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Free and Premium services

Free Premium
Backup - $6.95 per month

Smart, simple, secure online backup
Backup as much as you need – no limits

Two week free trial

* Keeps a copy of your files safely online
* Absolutely unlimited storage and bandwidth
* Easy to use and set up
* Backup as many PCs as you want
* 100% safe & secure
* Works with all Windows PCs (Mac version coming soon)

Backup & Briefcase

Backup and access files anywhere
Store as much as you need – no limits

Two week free trial

* See the same files on all of your PCs
* Adds a new drive to each PC - so easy to use
* Access your files online from anywhere
* Absolutely unlimited storage and bandwidth
* View photos, documents and movies online
* Listen to your music online
* Share your files with friends and family
* Backup features work with all Windows PCs (Mac version coming soon). Mac users can use the web portal or FTP to upload and access files


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