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Secure Online Storage
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since 2008 in USA
Have you ever emailed files to yourself or forgotten your memory stick on the go? Do you want to access your files from anywhere? Want to share documents, pictures or large media files with your friends or family?

If you've answered one question with “yes”, you should take a closer look at Wuala. Wuala is not just some online storage solution, it's much more than that! Wuala is...

... innovative

Wuala is based on unique and innovative technology. In stark contrast to other online storage services, Wuala can harness idle resources and store files redundantly in its growing grid network.

... secure

Like you, we care about security. That' why all data is encrypted and stored in different locations. Your files are encrypted on your computer, letting you define who has access to your folders. Since your password never leaves your computer, no one - including us - can see your private files.

... powerful

You get fast downloads and no limitations in bandwidth or traffic. Too good to be true? No, our grid technology makes this possible.

... social

Share your files with friends, family or co-workers. Send a link to your friends, who can access your files instantly. Or create a group to share your files with family or co-workers.

... convenient

Wuala can be started directly from within the browser or can be installed on Windows, Mac or Linux. Simply drag and drop files or upload files in the background. It's fully integrated into your system, allowing you to edit files directly or to automatically backup a source folder.

... expandable

You start with 1 GB online storage for free, which can be easily increased. Become a Pro user by buying additional storage or by trading unused local disk space for more online storage.


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Free and Premium services

Free Premium
1 GB of storage for free * 10 GB (25 USD per year)
* 50 GB (95 USD per year)
* 100 GB (160 USD per year)
* 500 GB (630 USD per year)
* 1 TB (1000 USD per year)


Wuala allows you to trade idle local disk space on your computer for online storage. As an example, you could trade 100 GB on your computer and get up to 100 GB of additional online storage in return. You get whatever you provide on your computer multiplied by your online time. In the example above, you would get 70 GB of additional online storage if you're online 70% of the time. Clearly, this doesn't give you extra storage, but it changes the quality of your storage - you can access your files from anywhere, make an off-site backup, and easily share files among friends and in groups.


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