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since 2004 in USA
Built-in Instant Messaging with AIM
See who's online and chat with your buddies without leaving your Inbox. Save IM conversation and easily search them later. You can even reply by IM to an email message when the sender is online.

Insert Pictures in Your Mail
Add pictures of your dog, your kids, or your last vacation to your mail. You can easily resize and format your photos too. No downloads or installs necessary!

Send Some Fun with Stationeries
We've got over 40 stationeries to spice up your messages. Perfect for holidays, birthdays, special occasions...or just because.

Spice up your Inbox with Themes
Ninjas, monkeys, dogs, and more. With over 80 themes to choose from, customize your inbox to reflect the real you. Like them all? No problem. Choose 'Randomize' and we'll do the rest.

Free Text Messaging from Your Inbox
Send and receive text messages for free. Just send an AIM message to any US telephone number. Be sure to add +1 to the number.

Copy Contacts and Mails from Other Accounts
AOL Easy Transfer copies your info in just a few clicks. Notify your friends of your new email address and forward mail from your old account for 30 days. Ditching that old email account couldn't be easier!

Follow your Friends on Facebook and Twitter
Keep up to date on status updates, photos, videos and links your friends share online. View updates from sites like Faceebook, Twitter and Flickr right alongside your inbox. You can even add comments and post your own status to multiple sites in one place.


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