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since 2005 in USA
Veoh is a revolutionary online video service that gives users the power to easily discover, watch, and personalize their entertainment viewing experience. With a simple broadband connection Veoh gives you free access to all of the great TV and film studio content, independent productions, and user-generated videos on the Web. From hit series on CBS, ABC, MTV Networks to content from Warner Bros., Sony Pictures and ESPN to your favorite YouTube clips, Veoh turns the vast universe of Internet video into an easy-to-use, high-quality, personalized experience that entertainment fans everywhere can enjoy. Veoh's powerful search capabilities and recommendations engine help you easily find videos that you want to watch as well as discover content you didn't know existed. And it is all in one place on All the online content you want to watch and smart search that knows what you like - that's Veoh. The many ways to access content on Veoh.

* Our popular video portal, where you can access tens of millions of videos from major content publishers like CBS, ABC, WB, MTV Networks, ESPN, Sony/BMG and Lions Gate, other video sites like YouTube and Hulu, as well as thousands of independent filmmakers and content producers. It's all on
* Veoh Video Compass™: Our browser add-on that instantly generates relevant online video recommendations as you visit some of the most popular sites on the web. These video recommendations - which are tailored based on the viewing behavior of millions of online video users - make it easy for you to find videos you may have forgotten about, watch things you didn't know existed, or uncover something new.
* Veoh for iPhone: Veoh is also available on the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Simply navigate to and we'll automatically route you to our iPhone/iPod Touch web application. In a matter of seconds, you get access to our most popular hosted videos whenever you're on the go.
* Veoh Web Player: Our lightweight, downloadable application that allows you to watch full-length videos directly in your browser, download videos from Veoh and other popular video sites for offline viewing, and organize your videos in a library to watch later.


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