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since 2006 in USA
Automatic Back-up

Have the files you work with automatically backed-up, securely, while you work.
Never lose a change again.

It's really just that easy. After you install our small desktop application and choose a few settings, your files are automatically backed-up to your account. When you change your files on your desktop or your colleagues make changes, files are automatically updated. You don't have to buy other softwarwe or subscribe to other services - Soonr takes care of this too. Sleep better knowing that your files are always securely backed up.

Work with Multiple File Types

Soonr supports a variety of file types, which means you can review and share everything with colleagues and clients - from Office documents to videos; and you don't need additional software. Whether you're working from home, in your office or traveling, Soonr is available from any device using a Web browser and we have a great iPhone app.

With Soonr, you've got the assistant you always dreamed of. Your work is immediately organized and automatically backed up while you work.

Stay Organized and Work Together

Soonr is the most integrated solution for creating documents and working with your team. Now, you can work more efficiently than ever. Soonr helps you stay organized while you share your work easily with colleagues and clients.

Use the Dashboard for a quick view of what's been updated; Projects (Soonr's online workspaces) help you organize your work and share; then add notes and comment on any file.


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Free and Premium services

Free Premium
2GB for free account 10GB / $7.95 per month
(or $79.50 year - best value)
· 10Gb of backup quota · Cloud Drive
· File-versioning on-line disk drive
· Includes 3 users
· Unlimited projects

40GB / $19.95 per month
(or $199.50 year) thereafter
· 40Gb of backup quota · Cloud Drive
· File-versioning on-line disk drive
· Starting with 5 users · Custom branding
· Unlimited projects


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