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since 2007 in Italy
Memopal is software that performs the automatic and continuous saving of your files to a remote server via secure internet connection. Any files can be protected, to prevent data corruption, malfunctions, theft or simply human error. Access your files from any internet point and from SmartPhones like BlackBerry and iPhone.
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Memopal has incredible advantages :

* With a Personal license you can install Memopal on all your PCs (up to 10) at no additional cost.
* Access to your files from anywhere on the web.
* Simple and fast : In as little as 30 seconds you can decide what to save - the rest is completely automatic and in real time.
* Smart and secure storage while respecting your privacy ( with 448 bit encryption ).
* Resistant to natural catastrophe , but imagine the damage to your computer
* Organize your files in a logical manner.
* Send files larger than 1 Gigabyte in less than 10 seconds.


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Free and Premium services

Free Premium
Memopal Personal

You can use Memopal Personal on all your computers. You can download the application for free from your iPhone and access your files from your mobile.

200 GB at the price of 49$ per year.
300 GB at the price of 99$ per year.

Do you need extra storage?

If you have already purchased a subscription for 200 GB you can choose to:

a) switch to 300 GB at the yearly 50$ price.
b) purchase 150 GB at the price of 70$ per year.
c) purchase 200 GB at the price of 100$ per year.

If you have already purchased a 300 GB subscription you can choose to purchase:

a) 50 GB extra at the price of 40$ per year.
b) 100 GB extra at the price of 70$ per year.

To request storage of over 350 GB please write to for a custom offer.

Memopal Business

Memopal Business is dedicated to businesses. Beginning with 48$ per year for 1 desktop or server and 1 and 10 GB of storage. For each additional GB the price is 2.40$ per year.


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