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With today's myriad of travel sites, even the most experienced traveler has their hands full managing all the details of a typical trip. Booking airline tickets, hotels, rental cars and restaurants leaves you with lots of separate pieces of paper. Throw in maps, directions, things to do, and weather and the chaos multiplies.

TripIt turns chaos into order by making it easy for anyone to:

* Organize trip details into one master online itinerary -- even if arrangements are booked at multiple travel sites
* Automatically include maps, directions and weather in their master itinerary
* Have the option to book restaurants, theatre tickets, activities and more right from within the online itinerary
* Safely access travel plans online, share them, check-in for flights, or print an itinerary

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tripwolf combines travel tips from professional travel writers with a vast collection of travel information, experiences and reviews from a worldwide community of thousands of travelers like you.

Browse through more than 400,000 locations, city guides, personal recommendations and travel blogs using the tripwolf travel map. Ask our trip gurus for very specific travel advice to find your favorite spots in any city. Then create, download and print your free PDF travel guide! Plus: Import your friends through facebook and share your travel pictures.


フォートラベルは、旅行のため(for Travel)のサイトです。








旅行者の「知りたい」「伝えたい」「買いたい」という欲求と、旅行業界の「伝えたい」「知りたい」「売りたい」という要望を、 交換するための、コミュニケーション空間の構築を目指しているのです。

この空間の実現により、日本にさらなる旅行需要を生み出し、旅行マーケットの拡大に寄与、また、結果として 日本人の旅行文化の向上に貢献することを目的としています。


* (1) 旅行に関するすべての情報、および情報へのリンクが揃っている。
* (2) 他の旅行者の旅行に関する情報を参照できる。
* (3) 他の旅行者、旅行業界に対して情報を発信できる。
* (4) 旅行商品、および旅行関連商品を購入することができる。 ・・・など。


* (1) 旅行に関するすべての情報、および情報へのリンクが揃っている。
* (2) 旅行者が発信した旅行情報を参照できる。
* (3) 旅行者に対して自社の旅行商品、および旅行関連商品の情報を伝達、販売できる。・・・など。



WAYN is the fastest growing travel and lifestyle social networking community website in the UK. WAYN is present in 251 countries and membership has grown from 45,000 users in March 2005 to over 15 million today.

WAYN helps you to keep track of all your contacts from around the world and make new friends based on where you are now, where you have been and where you are going!


Dopplr is a service for smart international travellers. Dopplr members share personal and business travel plans privately with their networks, and exchange tips on places to stay, eat and explore in cities around the world. Dopplr presents this collective intelligence - the travel patterns, tips and advice of the world’s most frequent travellers - as a Social Atlas. You can use Dopplr on a personal computer and a mobile phone.

After a period of exclusive availability to selected global companies, Dopplr opened to world travellers everywhere in December 2007. Dopplr has offices in London’s “Silicon Roundabout” district, and on the Helsinki seaside.