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Who we are
In a snapshot, Shutterfly makes it fun and easy to be thoughtful and creative with your memories.

Sure, we deliver award-winning prints from your digital camera right to your door. But delivering prints is just one thing we do. From start to finish, we make it easy to enhance, share and store your digital photos. We also make memory-keeping and gift-giving easy with our personalized Photo Books, Greeting Cards, and dozens of photo gifts suitable for any occasion.

How we’re different
Our single-minded focus on helping you enhance, organize and store your digital photography allows us to provide the highest quality products for you, our customer. We’re confident this is the reason we’re the number-one choice of professional photographers and the proud recipient of many industry awards.

More benefits you’ll enjoy only at Shutterfly:

* Free online photo storage: Shutterfly has never deleted a photo.
* Free online photo sharing: Your friends and family can view pictures you want to share without having to log in or sign up. They just click on a link in your email and instantly view a slideshow of your newest memories.
* Free photo software: Shutterfly Studio lets you easily organize, edit and share your growing picture collections directly from your desktop. Plus quickly add your favorites to Shutterfly and order prints.
* Photo borders: Enhance your prints for free with more than 400 colorful, festive and seasonal borders that range from new baby to birthday, wedding to so much more. You can even add personalized captions.
* Back-of-print messaging: Every photo you order from Shutterfly can be personalized for free with a short message on the reverse side. This ensures that you and future generations will always remember the who, what and where of special times.

Where we’re headed
The best way to understand where we’re going is to take a peek at where we’ve been. Below is a timeline of key milestones, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to helping you enjoy life and share memories with everyone in your circle.

since 1999 / Photo Print / USA


Fotomoto is an e-commerce system that gives independent photographers and web publishers the power to sell their work on their own site, using a simple toolbar with a "click to buy" button.

We don't claim to be the "leading" e-commerce system for website owners, nor are we on the "bleeding edge" of "Web 3.0" technology. And we're certainly not trying to "start a technical revolution". We just think it makes more sense to bring the technology to the place your art is, not the other way around. Isn't that simple? We love making things simple, and we are working hard to do that.

So, it's not rocket science -- it's not even science. Fotomoto is just a system for online sales that anyone can use...even us! Witness the self-installed Fotomoto Toolbar live on our homepage, on the photos of our Featured Artists.

since 2008 / Photo Print / USA


Tucia was created to make your photos look great with low cost in shortest time. This is the only thing we do, and we do it by real people. With a huge team with over 7000 dedicated graphic designers and photography artists worldwide, we provide professional photo editing & retouching services online at 24x7.

Our clients include numerous individuals and professionals (photography studios, graphic artists, advertising agencies, small business, press etc.) from all over the world.

With Tucia, you can save the time of learning sophisticated photo editing software and save the money for photo studios or deisigning companies. Tucia is simply the easiest and best way to to edit your photos and realize your new ideas with photos.

since 2007 / Photo Print / USA


Through a revolutionary business model supported by patented and proprietary technologies, Vistaprint does what no one else can. We deliver high-quality printed products in low volume for a great price. Our products range from business cards, brochures and postcards to invitations, note pads and thank you notes. Vistaprint also provides online services and solutions, such as email marketing, websites and postcard marketing.

since 2000 / Photo Print / USA

MOO is a printing company. We print beautiful products, using images you've uploaded directly, or designs from our designer galleries.

If you're curious and you'd like to know more about the company, we've written about that over here. If you're a journalist and you'd like to write something nice about us, then the press section is for you.

If you're stuck, and would like a question answered, we would suggest a quick trip to the Frequently Asked Questions pages. Not only did they take us ages to write but they do seem to answer most people's questions. Hopefully they'll answer yours as well. If they don't, and you need to contact MOO, feel free to do that next. (The email will be answered by a real, live person.)

Thanks for dropping by.