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Millions of people risk losing their unprotected, critical data every day. As the amount of unprotected data stored on multiple devices increases, it becomes harder to synchronize and easier to lose. Keeping data secure, synchronized, backed up and available can be expensive and require in-house IT expertise. Whether you are online or offline, working at the office or on the road, Nomadesk allows business teams to secure, sync and share data with no limits or new interface to learn.

Nothing to Learn

Each Nomadesk virtual fileserver acts just like a hard drive, storing important documents in one place with local and remote access from a PC, Mac or iPhone. You simply drag and drop your files into a virtual fileserver and files are automatically encrypted, backed up and available for file sharing. With Nomadesk, you can organize your files and folders just like any hard drive on your computer with no new interface to learn.

File Sharing/Collaboration

Nomadesk provides a cost effective, easy-to-use and secure solution for businesses to share files inside and outside the company. Share access to fileservers with team members and collaborators, allow read-only access to members outside your team and use FileLink to send a link to anyone via email.

File Sync

Having your critical files scattered across multiple computers can make them difficult to keep track of and easier to loose. Nomadesk eliminates the risk by providing a fileserver to securely consolidate your valuable documents, back them up and synchronize them across multiple computers.

Unlimited Backup

Hard drives crash and computers get stolen or are lost. Protect your valuable data from suffering the same fate. Everytime a file is changed or a new file is saved on your server it gets backed up to the cloud. Since your files are backed up to redundant servers in the cloud, Nomadesk provides instant disaster recovery.


Your files are important to you and many can be confidential. With Nomadesk, you can be confident no one will have access to your critical files unless you authorize them.

Mobile Access

As portable as laptops have become, you can’t always have your computer with you. With Nomadesk, you still have quick and easy ways to access your files wherever you are.


Nomadesk is the most affordable way for SMBs and Digital Nomads to secure, back up and share data. Nomadesk offers all the benefits of a VPN, FTP and backup system without the infrastructure investment. Nomadesk eliminates the cost of expensive servers, complex software or need for IT expertise.


CloudApp allows you to share images, links, music, videos and files. Here is how it works: choose a file, drag it to the menubar and let us take care of the rest. We provide you with a short link automatically copied to your clipboard that you can use to share your upload with co-workers and friends.

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How we keep your data safe and secure

How we keep it moving fast

How sub-accounts work

Do more than store!

* Secure 128-bit SSL transfer

Information sent from you to ElephantDrive is protected by the same system that banks and financial institutions use to secure their transactions.

* Advanced 256-bit AES encryption

Before transfer, your files are encrypted with the preferred algorithm of the U.S. government (approved for "Top Secret" use by the NSA).

* Innovative delivery technology

Our engineers have designed an advanced, proprietary system for maximizing your available bandwidth while minimizing the effects on your system

* Differential backups

ElephantDrive recognizes which files are new or have been modified so that after your first backup completes, all future backups will go much faster.

* Workgroup Sub-Accounts

The Workgroup sub-accounts are ideal for sharing information among a small team or organization. Each one has its own credentials but all can see the shared data.

* Independent Sub-Accounts

The Independent sub-accounts are totally private. They draw from the same storage allocation, but only the Independent account holder can see the data.

* Secure Sharing

Use ElephantDrive to transfer large files securely to your colleagues, friends, and family.

* Universal access

Every file you store at ElephantDrive is available in real time, all the time. Unlike other services that archive your data away, you can get anything you need immediately!

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Amazon Simple Storage Service

Amazon S3 is storage for the Internet. It is designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers.

Amazon S3 provides a simple web services interface that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. It gives any developer access to the same highly scalable, reliable, fast, inexpensive data storage infrastructure that Amazon uses to run its own global network of web sites. The service aims to maximize benefits of scale and to pass those benefits on to developers.

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Have you ever emailed files to yourself or forgotten your memory stick on the go? Do you want to access your files from anywhere? Want to share documents, pictures or large media files with your friends or family?

If you've answered one question with “yes”, you should take a closer look at Wuala. Wuala is not just some online storage solution, it's much more than that! Wuala is...

... innovative

Wuala is based on unique and innovative technology. In stark contrast to other online storage services, Wuala can harness idle resources and store files redundantly in its growing grid network.

... secure

Like you, we care about security. That' why all data is encrypted and stored in different locations. Your files are encrypted on your computer, letting you define who has access to your folders. Since your password never leaves your computer, no one - including us - can see your private files.

... powerful

You get fast downloads and no limitations in bandwidth or traffic. Too good to be true? No, our grid technology makes this possible.

... social

Share your files with friends, family or co-workers. Send a link to your friends, who can access your files instantly. Or create a group to share your files with family or co-workers.

... convenient

Wuala can be started directly from within the browser or can be installed on Windows, Mac or Linux. Simply drag and drop files or upload files in the background. It's fully integrated into your system, allowing you to edit files directly or to automatically backup a source folder.

... expandable

You start with 1 GB online storage for free, which can be easily increased. Become a Pro user by buying additional storage or by trading unused local disk space for more online storage.

since 2008 / Online Storage / USA


The only automated sync, back-up, collaboration and file management service powerful enough for a business user and easy enough for a novice. Secure, anywhere access to your files.


to all your files and documents, anytime from anywhere, no matter where you first saved them. Updated files will be available on every computer you use, instantly.

your files and folders quickly and securely with your colleagues. Uploads and changes made by anyone are instantly and effortlessly available to everyone.

your files without lifting a finger. Syncplicity ensures your files and folders are safe, updated and instantly accessible across every computer and mobile device.
No Limits

on storage, files, folders, file sizes, users, or computers. Simply add more as your needs grow.

to get started and to use. No upfront fees, no long-term commitment. Seamless Windows integration means you don’t have to change the way you work.

your files with automatic back-up and Syncplicity’s unique instant restore. Never lose another file or version.

since 2007 / Online Storage / USA


Automatic Back-up

Have the files you work with automatically backed-up, securely, while you work.
Never lose a change again.

It's really just that easy. After you install our small desktop application and choose a few settings, your files are automatically backed-up to your account. When you change your files on your desktop or your colleagues make changes, files are automatically updated. You don't have to buy other softwarwe or subscribe to other services - Soonr takes care of this too. Sleep better knowing that your files are always securely backed up.

Work with Multiple File Types

Soonr supports a variety of file types, which means you can review and share everything with colleagues and clients - from Office documents to videos; and you don't need additional software. Whether you're working from home, in your office or traveling, Soonr is available from any device using a Web browser and we have a great iPhone app.

With Soonr, you've got the assistant you always dreamed of. Your work is immediately organized and automatically backed up while you work.

Stay Organized and Work Together

Soonr is the most integrated solution for creating documents and working with your team. Now, you can work more efficiently than ever. Soonr helps you stay organized while you share your work easily with colleagues and clients.

Use the Dashboard for a quick view of what's been updated; Projects (Soonr's online workspaces) help you organize your work and share; then add notes and comment on any file.

since 2006 / Online Storage / USA

Live Mesh

Your work computer. Your home laptop. Your Mac. Your mobile phone. Devices live in multiple places. But the files you need—and the programs that open them—often don’t. Live Mesh changes all that.

With Live Mesh, you can synchronize files with all of your devices, so you always have the latest versions handy. Access your files from any device or from the web, easily share them with others, and get notified whenever someone changes a file.

Working on one computer, but need a program from another? No problem. Use Live Mesh to connect to your other computer and access its desktop as if you were sitting right in front of it.

5GB for free

powered by Microsoft

since 2009 / Online Storage / USA


Windows Live SkyDrive (initially Windows Live Folders) is part of Microsoft's Windows Live range of online services. SkyDrive is a file storage and sharing service that allows users to upload files to the computing cloud, then access them from a web browser. It uses Windows Live ID to control access to the user's files, allowing them to keep the files private, share with contacts, or make the files public. Publicly-shared files do not require a Windows Live ID to access.

The service currently offers 25 GB of free personal storage, with individual files limited to 50 MB.[1] Optionally, an ActiveX-based tool can be installed to allow drag-and-drop uploading from Windows Explorer. Up to five files can be uploaded each time if the tool has not been installed. The third party free software "SkyDrive Explorer" can enable SkyDrive as an additional drive in windows systems.

powered by Microsoft

since 2008 / Online Storage / USA

[Sharing and managing content]

Organize all of your content online in a familiar file and folder structure. Share content with direct links to files and folders, turn any folder into a public webpage in one click and create widgets to share files on a company web page or blog.

With the Box Business edition, get additional security with 256-bit SSL encryption and set passwords and expiration dates for file and folder access.

[Project collaboration and workflow]

Turn any folder of content into a shared online workspace and invite others to view, edit, or add their own files. Exchange feedback using the commenting and discussion features. Create wiki-style web documents to share meeting notes, ideas, and manage projects. Keep workflow organized by assigning tasks to approve, review or update files.

With the Box Business edition, you can track file versions, customize your collaboration experience, and more.

[Mobile access]

You can view and share files on-the-go using your mobile device. Use your mobile browser to access Box’s mobile site at You can also install a web icon on your BlackBerry; or download our free iPhone app to preview documents and presentations, see your latest updates, and more.

[Extensibility and third-party apps]

Box’s open platform lets you do more with your content. Tailor Box to create the additional functionality you need by using integrated third-party services to edit documents, fax agreements, sign contracts, print and ship using FedEx, share files on professional networks, within CRM systems and more.

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