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Picture editing is a tedious process. It takes patience and requires a calm mind to make the new changes-sometimes pixel by pixel, erasing and adding to an existing framework. A specialist always tries to bring out the best no matter how long it takes. It is an essential programming task that brings a new angle to the frame.

Sometimes pictures are not planned and are shot at random. While at times careful timing is required to get the light, ambience and mood right. Yet things go wrong. With the emergence of digital post processing firms, it is now easy to make the bad pictures look more appealing. Add a background, change the clouds, or add text to the image.

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Clipping Path Outsourcing

Photoshop clipping paths designate transparent areas in images.When clipping path is applied to an image, anything inside the path is included and everything outside the path is omitted.Now a days the use of clipping path services changes dramatically. A clipping path not only can be applied to the kind of images that have sharp edge, it can also be applied to the soft edges.

Why Clipping Path is Needed?
1. To isolate part of an image
2.To Knock out background
3.To make an image transparent
4. Also for editing the clipped part image and background separately

since 2008 / Image Clipping / UK