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Money is complicated. Daily life is busy enough, and when life forces us to really focus on our finances - changing jobs, getting married, having kids, going back to school, planning a vacation - that's when we're least likely to have the time, energy, or even the desire to do something about it.
That's why we created Bundle: to find out how other people handle the same decisions, to learn what works and what doesn't, to get a better idea of where your money goes, so we get smarter about money, together.
Fortunately, nobody's making decisions in a vacuum. We've all wondered what our co-workers make, and how in the world our constantly broke friend can afford those three-week vacations. That's okay. Wanting to know how people like you spend and save isn't simply voyeurism - it's the first step to getting ahead, and the answers can be quite an education. It's why we created Everybody's Money, the most comprehensive collection of free spending and savings data on the web. (Geeks, dig in! For more info, check out our FAQ.)
So, if you want to find out if you're the only one in your neighborhood with a grocery bill in the stratosphere, it's in there. And if you want to find a better way, we've got ideas from experts, as well as people who are just like us (which is to say, ahem, not experts). We've also enlisted some top-notch advisors, including Sheryl Garrett, founder of the Garrett Planning Network and a leader in helping make objective financial advice accessible to all people.
As for my story: I started in the banking industry in 1995 and learned a great deal about what banks can - and can't - do for their customers. As I worked with my own money, I started to realize how few trustworthy resources there were, and dreamed up the kind of site that I wished I had. Ultimately, I knew I couldn't build Bundle from within a bank. But I also knew that to provide the comprehensive, secure resource we all need, I needed the kind of security and technology that big banks and software companies have developed. Citi, Microsoft and Morningstar understood this, so they bought into our vision and became investors.
Just as we've had the extraordinary opportunity to build our dream money site from scratch, you have the opportunity to help shape it. We want to hear from you: What you like, what you don't, what you'd like to see more of. I can be reached by email, or find me on Facebook and Twitter.
Thanks for taking a look.

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