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Frequency is a free personal video service that enables users to watch video from across the internet from any screen. Frequency finds and organizes the latest videos from your favorite websites, blogs, and social networks into channels that are continuously updated so you always have the latest news, entertainment, sports, comedies, and dramas at your fingertips. Frequency is available on the web, iPhone, iPad, Samsung TVs and Blu-ray players and select Android TVs.

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SpeakLike is a professional enterprise translation service. It offers fast, accurate translation at affordable prices.

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Stripe is a simple, developer-friendly way to accept payments online. We believe that enabling transactions on the web is a problem rooted in code, not finance, and we want to help put more websites in business.

Complexity and opacity have traditionally been hallmarks of online payment processing. We want to fix that.

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blekko is a better way to search the web by using slashtags. slashtags search only the sites you want and cut out the spam sites. use friends, experts, community or your own slashtags to slash in what you want and slash out what you don't.

web search bill of rights

1. Search shall be open
2. Search results shall involve people
3. Ranking data shall not be kept secret
4. Web data shall be readily available
5. There is no one-size-fits-all for search
6. Advanced search shall be accessible
7. Search engine tools shall be open to all
8. Search & community go hand-in-hand
9. Spam does not belong in search results
10. Privacy of searchers shall not be violated
how to slash the web

make 'em:
Make a slashtag that includes just your favorite sites. make it as narrow (/scuba) or as broad (/favorites) as you like. Add that slashtag to any search and you're only searching those sites.

use 'em:
find a friend's slashtag and get in their head for your searches. For example, try searching Rich's home brewing slashtag for quality info on brewing your own beer (ex. wheat beer /homebrew).

make 'em better:
We've already created hundreds of topic slashtags that you can search now. everything from /conservative, to /humor to /vc is there. Drop us a tweet (@blekko) and tell us if you think any are missing sites or if you have ideas for other topics.

Five use cases where slashtags shine

Verticals with just YOUR favorite sites:
u2 /music, iphone reviews /tech, wine /buy, 2010 season /steelers, American Idol /tv Search you can't do with keywords:
global warming /conservative, ufos /paranormal, congress /humor, Kim Kardashian /gossip Slash through heavily spammed categories:
avoiding swine flu /health, iphone 4 reviews /techblogs, Aruba /travel, low calorie /diet Access to recent material and web data:
Obama /date, Mel Gibson /rank, /seo, /links Direct access to 3rd party api's:
US Open /youtube, Twilight /twitter, Moby Dick /amazon, sports car /shop
get out there & slash the web!

you know the sites you want search results from and you know the spammers, SEO gamers and content farms that just get in the way. so get out there and slash the web: slash in the sites you like and slash out the ones you don't.

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Money is complicated. Daily life is busy enough, and when life forces us to really focus on our finances - changing jobs, getting married, having kids, going back to school, planning a vacation - that's when we're least likely to have the time, energy, or even the desire to do something about it.
That's why we created Bundle: to find out how other people handle the same decisions, to learn what works and what doesn't, to get a better idea of where your money goes, so we get smarter about money, together.
Fortunately, nobody's making decisions in a vacuum. We've all wondered what our co-workers make, and how in the world our constantly broke friend can afford those three-week vacations. That's okay. Wanting to know how people like you spend and save isn't simply voyeurism - it's the first step to getting ahead, and the answers can be quite an education. It's why we created Everybody's Money, the most comprehensive collection of free spending and savings data on the web. (Geeks, dig in! For more info, check out our FAQ.)
So, if you want to find out if you're the only one in your neighborhood with a grocery bill in the stratosphere, it's in there. And if you want to find a better way, we've got ideas from experts, as well as people who are just like us (which is to say, ahem, not experts). We've also enlisted some top-notch advisors, including Sheryl Garrett, founder of the Garrett Planning Network and a leader in helping make objective financial advice accessible to all people.
As for my story: I started in the banking industry in 1995 and learned a great deal about what banks can - and can't - do for their customers. As I worked with my own money, I started to realize how few trustworthy resources there were, and dreamed up the kind of site that I wished I had. Ultimately, I knew I couldn't build Bundle from within a bank. But I also knew that to provide the comprehensive, secure resource we all need, I needed the kind of security and technology that big banks and software companies have developed. Citi, Microsoft and Morningstar understood this, so they bought into our vision and became investors.
Just as we've had the extraordinary opportunity to build our dream money site from scratch, you have the opportunity to help shape it. We want to hear from you: What you like, what you don't, what you'd like to see more of. I can be reached by email, or find me on Facebook and Twitter.
Thanks for taking a look.

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Diigo provides a browser add-on that can really improve your research productivity. As you read on the web, instead of just bookmarking, you can highlight portions of web pages that are of particular interest to you. You can also attach sticky notes to specific parts of web pages. Unlike most other web "highlighters" that merely clip, Diigo highlights and sticky notes are persistent in the sense that whenever you return to the original web page, you will see your highlights and sticky notes superimposed on the original page, just what you would expect if you highlighted or wrote on a book!

Moreover, all the information -- highlighted paragraphs, sticky notes, and the original url -- are saved on Diigo servers, creating your personal digest of the web, your own collection of highlights from the web - ones that are meaningful to you! You can easily search, access, sort and share this collection from any PC or even iPhone.


What is KISSmetrics?

People pay you, not pageviews

Unlike other analytics packages, KISSmetrics measures people, not pageviews. We don’t rely on cookies alone, we consolidate all of a customer’s behaviors whether they’re browsing on their home laptop, their work desktop, or even their iPad.

Think this isn’t a big difference? Think again. Our customers have reported that pageview-based analytics are overcounting by anywhere from 25% – 300% compared to person-based analytics. That’s a pretty huge discrepancy if you want to use your analytics to help you make real decisions about your web-based business.

We’ve helped a variety of businesses optimize their funnel and increase revenues — from those who are just starting out to those who are bringing in millions in revenue each month

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The smarter choice for getting answers
Being open to customer feedback doesn’t necessarily mean you want your competitors to be able to read it too. Your KISSinsights responses are only accessible to you - not posted to a publicly available website.

Control who sees your surveys. Know exactly who’s responding - a new trial user or a long-time paying customer.

Yes, polite! It’s generous of our customers to spend their time giving us feedback, so we don’t want to abuse that relationship. We limit our surveys to 2 questions - so they can answer and get back to using your site

Product managers and marketers, stop saying
“I wonder why…”
There’s no need. Just ask a KISSinsights question on your site to find out why. You don’t have to spend a long time writing. You don’t have to bug your IT department. In less than two minutes, you’ll be learning.

User testing and in-person customer interviews are great, but most companies don’t have the resources to run them continuously. You do have the resources to continuously learn by asking KISSinsights questions.


We connect individuals and organizations working to change the world

– Find issues and projects you care about

– Follow the latest news and updates

– Support their work with your time, money, and skills