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Group tasks in Projects
Organize your tasks and notes into projects, move items between projects and get your stuff structured and ready for processing!

What's your Next Action?
Focus on your Next action. Don't think about 10 things at a time. Just 'star' any task as your Next action and process your next actions from all your projects in one list.

Work in Contexts
Use contexts (Home, Office, Phone, Internet...) to process your tasks even faster. When you're in a mood (or context) do all the related tasks now!

Share and Delegate
Don't do everything yourself. Work in teams. Collaborate. It's so easy in Nozbe. Just share your projects with others and work on stuff together.

Get it Done on the Move
You can go with a free native Nozbe app for the iPhone, an iPhone optimized web site ( and a mobile version ( to get things done on the move!

Connect to Get More Done
Jott voice straight to Nozbe, Manage Evernote notes, send Direct Messages from Twitter, manage on Apple Dashboard, put on iGoogle, Gmail and sync with Gcal... and more thanks to the Nozbe API.