Here is Frequently Asked Questions. If you cannot find solution, let us know.

0. What is Nets?

on Meltbox, we call services "Nets" named from "Internet Service". it includes "Web Service" and "Sotfware using network service".

1. What kind of service can I add?

Nets should have user registering system

Nets should have user registering system. Once you register, you get user account and have own space online.

For example, Google have many web services. You get Google Account for free and can use Google Maps, Google Documents and more service upcoming. Give you some example.

  • flickr is OK. A famous photo sharing service.
  • facebook is OK. One of the most popular social networking service.
  • CNET is OK. A cool tech news.
  • Skype is OK. It's not web service but use the internet with software. WITH ACCONT!

Now you can imagine how it is like.

One register in multi language

If the service is translated in multi language without any difference, register primary language. Give you some sample.

Good case is one of the most popular shopping site in USA. In Japan, has a domestic company,, and have website Items are different from Therefore, each website can be added as different Nets.

Inappropriate case

On the other hand, Google have and There is almost no difference between them. Just great search engine in different language. In this case, you should add as Nets on Meltbox because is primary service location. Yes, Google is in USA and English.
Zoho( and is the same case of this.

Some commercial service without login system could be added as well

There is still exception. We know there is cool service without registering. Popular, known and commercial service without login system could be added as well. The commercial means service managed by companies. Services like Search, News or Translation offer free service without logging in.


In conclusion, we give you key questions when you add Nets:

  • Does the service have Login System(Account System)?
  • Isn't the service registred in different language? or isn't it translated website?
  • If the service doesn't have user registering, is it creative, public and known service like Search or News?
2. Is this free service?

Yes! We want you to use Meltbox to manage your accounts and services easily. Find new services you should try. Share your favorite service with/without your personal URL and USERID. Follow people to know what services they use and like.

3. Where can I change my avatar(photo)?

Meltbox love social service on the internet. We use Gravatar to display your avatar. Go and get your account with the same email address as one registered on Meltbox. Then, your avatar will be displayed on any services using gravatar at once.

4. Something wrong on my web browser. Why?

Do you use Internet Explorer? It is NOT recommended on Melbox because it lacks many function latest web tech have. We strongly recommend you to use Firefox,Chrome or Safari. They are all free and much faster. By the way, IE6 is totally unsupported, sorry. We recommend latest web browsers for your experience and developers. If you love IE, upgrade to IE version 8.

5. I am the owner of service. Can I control the information of my service?

We are making this possible to let you control and prevent from being updated by anyone.

Some idea to verify you are the owner, we:

  • Send email to with PIN code
  • Ask you to put a html file to specified URL under your website
  • Contact from your website
  • Send direct message to your official twitter account

When you are verified, you can fully control registered information about your service.
This feature is in the highest place on our todo list. To know as fast as we're ready, follow us on twitter

6. Why do you apply only 3 tags?

To categorize nets, categories are simple and easy way but it's difficult to add appropriate category to latest innovative services. To get social power to do so, tagging is the best way. However, if people add any tags and nets belong to many tags, it gets chaotic. We want to categorize them and show you popularity ratings. Keep inappropriate nets out of tags. That's why we apply only 3 tags.
To describe flickr, all tags we need is "Photo Sharing","Photo Editer","Video Sharing". No "Blog","Collaboration".
We may increase the number of apply someday.

7. Is my account information of nets safe?

Yes. You can show/hide your account information of each nets. There is 3 levels.

  1. Hide - Nobody can see your nets
  2. Show without information - People can see you use the nets but no personal userid or url displayed
  3. Show with userid/url - People can see your nets with userid or url. Let them access your web

If you want to keep your privacy, hide them. You can still use meltbox as personal manager.
We are thinking to share your userid/url only to specific people.


Meltbox support management of your services but never ask or store your password. DO NOT ENTER IT.

8. Countries?
The countries came from ISO_3166-1 Alpha-2. You can choose country/area in your mind. For example, if you or service belong to Guam, you can also choose USA.
9. Languages belong to countries if the nets doesn't have world wide web(global support)
If the nets aim for only domestic market, post information in native language. If the nets has world wide support, recommend you post in English to share with more people.
10. Why is some service link different from displayed url?
They are affiliate links. To keep and improve Meltbox service, income is needed. Please understand that. We promise that the links take you to appropriate website.