About Meltbox

Have you experienced what services you registered? What was the username? Meltbox help you to manage your internet service and accounts. Display them by category and access quickly. Share them with people and rate them. Also find new services.

Manage your favorite services

Keep your favorites on your account and access easily by category.
Put "STAR" as services you actively use. The star services are displayed bigger.
Rate services as you think.
Meltbox suggest you some services you have not used.

Display your favorite(star) services at once to access.

Share your services and See data about them

Share your services with comment and account info like userid or url.
Follow your friends or people to know what services they use.
You'll know your friends' accounts in each service.

Check data about services.
Related services, official accounts and rating.
Find users who like the service.

Take you to see

By Country, Gender and Generation.

Take you to see

Find hot services

Find services by category, country and year they launched.

By Tag By Country By Year

Find out who win in the category/country/year by growth graph.

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